Taking the marketable ‘truths’ of politics for granted

’30-hours week. Do we need it? Is it possible?’ This was the title of a paper presented 3 November 2014 by Anna Coote at the conference on ‘Technological Change and Inequality’ organised in Helsinki by the social democratic think tank Kalevi Sorsa Foundation. Coote is Head of Social Policy at the UK think tank New Economics Foundation (NEF). http://sorsafoundation.fi/2014/08/25/teknologinen-muutos-ja-eriarvoisuus/
The tone of Coote’s paper was aptly summarised in one sentence: ‘we work to live, not live to work’. Regarding contemporary politics her message was both well founded and well timed. With reference to many historical examples she showed that it is possible ‘to change the unchangeable’.

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